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Markets - Merchant Affinity, LLC

Our Markets


Merchant Affinity enables retailers to support the charity of their choice with every credit and debit card transaction at no cost to them or their consumers. We help businesses elevate their why with consumers by supporting their commitment to social responsibility. Nothing changes in their way of transacting business. Only their ability to support charity is increased.


Many corporations rely on revenue from credit and debit card transactions. Merchant Affinity becomes your new partner for Corporate Social Responsibility. We create a completely new and cost free channel for you to support your selected charity or foundation.


For nonprofits, Merchant Affinity creates two opportunities for increased revenue:

  1. Merchant Affinity provides processing services at current rates or better while giving 50% of our revenues to your organization.
  2. At your direction, we will work with any of your donors or vendors to fulfill their merchant service needs and give them an additional way to support you at no cost to them.

Did you know you could give more to charity at no cost to you?

Let Merchant Affinity show you how!